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Portfolio website for cinematographer and director
Design, Development
Made on tilda, Cyrillic.design, Awwwards
All Andrey's works are full of allusions to great artists, from ancient Greek myths to contemporary ceramics. Based on the individual style of Andrey Krauzov, we have developed a portfolio site with the most iconic photo and film works of the operator. Using the author's engravings in combination with a selected heading typeface, which perfectly creates an antique, slightly gothic mood, we were able to convey the mood of the author
Main screen in the mobile mockup
two mobile mockup with screens video work and photo
Screen of all works in the tablet mockup
two mobile mockup with screens photo and about pageScreen of photo works in the tablet mockup
Leo Leonow — Art Direction
Oleksandr Nagovitsyn — Design and Development
Desktop screen of about page